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Notice Life. Photography of What We Miss

Life is waiting to be Noticed. Each second of every day holds the possibility of discovering something extraordinary. As these heartbeats of time tick away, so the tiniest opportunities come and go, either Noticed or missed - most never to return.

I miss many moments that I would like to experience. Occasionally, though, I Notice one, and it reminds me of the rich texture of life that can be seen if only I paid more attention.

This realization is the inspiration behind "Notice Life. Photography of What We Miss." The subjects of my photographs are what I've Noticed and share with you in hopes that we Notice more together.


Steven White
757-778-1845 (USA)
Suffolk, Virginia

Steven White

I am often struck by the power that a photograph can produce through a medium that is the antithesis of our busy world:  still, quiet, and patient.  It is this simplistic yet powerful nature of photography that draws me to take up my camera.

I've discovered in myself the ability to see, or Notice, scenes of life that beckon to be photographed.  I take most photographs spontaneously and without staging, which produces an organic element that gives subjects added authenticity.  Once captured, I do very little post-processing to preserve the "genuine truth" of the image as it originally appeared.  

Personally, I am a father of three small children, husband of twelve years, and full-time professional (outside of photography).  I live in Virginia where I was born and raised, but I've previously lived in Italy for six years and have traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.  These varied roles and experiences help me more keenly Notice Life.

I am educated in the Liberal Arts, and my photography is self-taught.  My inspiration comes from:  family (children), the outdoors, history, and culture.   I draw my subjects from 29 countries and close to home to offer a rich variety of photographs to explore.  I strive to present images that people find visually satisfying, whether that be what I'm trying to convey or what another sees.  My best work stirs emotion or provokes thought that enriches the viewer's perspective on our world.

Thank you for exploring my work.  I am available for special projects, events, or exhibits.  Please contact me if can be of service to you.  My rates are affordable for any budget.  As always, I appreciate you sharing your feedback at:

Notice Life.
Steven White

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